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As I sometimes do, I was browsing through my activity feed on Etsy when I came across this little beauty.

Isn’t it just exquisite?  I adore vintage perfume bottles.  They have such character and beauty.  And, they usually still smell so good!  In fact, if you are not someone who collects these bottles, you may not be aware that a lot of them still contain the actual perfume.  It seems a little nutty, but also kind of cool.  Sometimes, if a bottle is really old, it can also be, well, gross.  But, I digress…

When I saw the pretty bottle above, I was inspired to run a search to see what other ones I could find on Etsy.  I always search for perfume bottles when I’m out pickin’.  Searching for collectible vintage items by pickin’ through lots of random stuff at our state flea market, estate sales or my local Goodwill shops, is one of my favorite things to do.  Who’s to say we can’t do a little pickin’ on Etsy, too?  Look what I found:

I can see from my results that there are tons of talented pickers on Etsy!  These are all going on my wishlist immediately.