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Bicycle on Beach by Stephs Shoes

This week I am featuring photos that make me think of the end of summer.  These images evoke a sense of moving on to me.  The beaches are deserted, the air begins to feel cooler, and everything gets still for a bit.

Waves by Raceytay

I think the seagull is thinking, “Wait, where did everyone go?  It’s too darn quiet.”

Vintage Summer by Cottage Light Studio

Unwillingly, I acknowledge that it is time to turn toward fall.  But, wait!  That means I can start wearing all my new shawls I’ve knitted this summer.  Plus, I love the beach during the off-season.  There are very few people around, and it’s a fabulous time to really feel nature’s peace.  Okay, I guess I’m okay with the coming change of seasons.  How do you feel about it?

Autumn Leaf of Beach by Selena Metts

All of these photos are by talented artists on Etsy.  To see more from each photographer, click through on the image then click the link directly below “shop” on the right side.