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Armed with my morning cup of coffee, I head to ravelry.com to check out the newly posted patterns.  It’s part of my daily routine.  One of the parts I most enjoy.  This is what I peruse:  Recently Added Knitting Patterns.  There are also new crochet patterns, but I filter those out since I don’t crochet much at this point.

Most of the time I just enjoy browsing through the patterns, and admiring all of the creativity of the designers.  Sometimes, inspiration strikes and I end up adding multiple patterns to my queue, favorites or library.  Now, if I could just find enough time to actually knit all the things I’d like to, life would be perfect!

This is what I’ve marked for later from today’s batch:

Jute Cotton Market Bag KIT:

This market bag kit sells for $10.  At first, I did a double-take, not believing a pattern could cost so much.  I quickly realized it was for a kit which includes the pattern and the yarn to make the bag.  Shew!

Mummy and Baby Hedgehog Toys:

These little guys are just too cute!!  I’m not sure I would ever attempt to knit them, but ya never know, I guess.  It really doesn’t matter, I just like to look at them.

Pythagoras Shawl:

I love this shawl!  It’s knit in garter stitch with a combination knit/crochet edging.  Fabulous!

That’s it for today.  I have to get off the internet and get going with my day.  <sigh>  Thankfully, I’ll be browsing the new patterns again tomorrow morning!  Hope you all have a wonderful day.  Does part of your day include indulging in a guilty pleasure on ravelry?  or another favorite site?  Please share!