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I added a couple of new items to my shop today.  Two new colorways of my Fiber Bling Bracelet.  The Fiber Bling Bracelet pattern is my own design.  The only pattern I’ve actually written up at this point.  There are plenty of others, but they are still just scribbled notes in my notebook thus far.  Anyway, I made some more bracelets, and they are now for sell in my Etsy shop.  Check them out!

Also, I’ll be adding new sets of fabulous hand knit washcloths soon.  I’ve also been gathering some wonderful vintage items that I need to get cleaned up and listed.  So many things to do, so little time!  Isn’t that always the story?  It will all get done eventually.  The kids are all going back to school on Monday so that should free up a little time.  They are in different schools this year, and on different school schedules.  I had my son home for two weeks at the end of March, and my daughter’s break was this past week.  It was actually so nice to have some alone time with each one of them!  But, I digress…

If you take a peek at my shop, let me know!