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Every Friday I like to peruse Etsy to see what all the talented artisans and artists have created.  This week I simply put in the search word “Spring.”

Here in North Carolina, Spring is beginning to show itself.  The pear trees are blooming as are the daffodils.  Little green buds are popping out on the trees.  The season of renewal and rebirth is just beginning, and I love it!  I always feel a boost in my mood and my energy in Spring as all of nature wakes up.

My Etsy search yielded such fabulous results today.  Which one is your favorite?  I will take one of each of these, please and thank you.


Embroidered Initial Necklaces by Merriweather Council.

Festive Owls by Claylicious

Spring Green Dragonfly Earrings by Maetri Studio

Orange Crush, Fine Art Photography by Madden Photography