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Have you ever wondered about the vintage pieces you buy or collect? As with many things, there is a wealth of information on the internet about them. As a seller of vintage items, I spend good amounts of time researching each piece. In my research on Syracuse, I found a truly comprehensive resource.

The RWCN (Restaurant Ware Collectors Network)
This site is a fantastic source of information about vintage china. They specialize in information on transportation china and hotel ware. There is a forum where you can post questions about identifying pieces, finding information about locating pieces and there is even discussion about spotting fakes and reproductions. There is a tab dedicated to numerous wiki pages featuring specific information on various china patterns. My favorite part of this site is the Date Code page. There are many china patterns represented, but I honed in on Syracuse. The date code resource page includes links to tables on the date codes, backstamps, catalogs, and the wiki pages mentioned above.

example of backstamp, source restaurantwarecollectors.com (click photo)

Syracuse Restaurant Ware pieces found on Etsy.com (click photos to go to item descriptions):

restaurant ware dessert bowls from pineandmain

syracuse china plate from 22bayroad

syracuse restaurant ware coffee cups and plates from ionesattic

As you can see from the pictures above, Syracuse (or any other) restaurant ware are fabulous pieces to collect. On one of my trips to our state flea market, I happened upon two wonderful women who were selling little Syracuse creamers. They had an entire box of them that they were given by a restaurant owner who found them packed away in his storage room. They had never been used! These wonderful finds were between 40-50 years old, yet they were brand new. Eureka!

One of the long-lost, never-before-used Syracuse creamers:

syracuse restaurant ware creamer from ceruleanmoon