Hello loyal friends!  I know I have been very sporodic with my posting the latter half of 2011.  I’m excited to get back on a regular schedule with my blog, and I want to thank you all for sticking with me.  On to the Friday Favorites.  This series will feature three of my favorite knitting patterns from a variety of online sources.  Some will be free (yay!), and some will require a purchase (still a yay! b/c sometimes you fall in love and it’s just worth it!). 

My favorite source of knitting patterns is ravelry.  In fact, ravelry is one of my all-time favorite sites!  My ravelry id is “iknitandbead”…look me up!  I have a monster list of favorites on there already.  I look forward to adding to it this year.  Now, if the stars would just align, and some extra time would materialize, I could actually complete some of my many projects.  But, I digress.

Morning Coffee Shawlette    

This pattern is $5 on ravelry.  The designer is Larissa Brown.  I recently added this shawlette to my favorites.  It looks so soft and yummy!  Click through to see all the details.  When I finish one of my WIPs, I’m going to cast on sweet thing.

Owl Cell Phone Cozy    

Isn’t this cute??  And, this one is free.  A little cover for your cell.  I think the owls would show up better if you added little beads for their eyes.  I’ve seen that done on some other owl designs and it ups the cuteness factor a bunch.

Lyndhurst Cowl    

I have made several of these quick and easy cowls.  This pattern is by Lion Brand and it is also a freebie.  It’s easily adaptable to lots of different yarns.  I love the colors in the one above!

I would love to hear what you think of these patterns, and if you get inspired to make one let me know that, too!  Happy Friday- I hope all of you have a fabulous weekend!