I’m starting a new series today, and I’m very excited about it.  I will be featuring handmade and vintage lovelies that fit a color theme each week.  I’m kicking it off with Electric Blue items.  In the future, I will let you know what colors I am featuring, and if you have items you would like to submit for inclusion, I invite you to do so.

I’m starting with a shade of blue because it’s my all-time favorite color!  Electric Blue is so vivid and intense.  I love it.  Here is what I found.  Tell me what you think of these fabulous items!

Galadriel's Mirror 8x10 Fine Art Photograph

Electric Hand Dyed Merino Yarn

Electric BLUE Wrap Top L

Blue Flower Mandala 8x8

To view the details of any item above simply click the photo!  Which one is your favorite? 
Next week I will be featuring Bright Yellow items.  Please leave a link in the comments here with any item you would like to be considered. 🙂