Well, not literally a miracle, but it sure does feel like it to me.  I finally, finally got some of my new items listed today.  Okay, so two items doesn’t really qualify as “some”, but you get the idea.  I have a stack of new knits and oodles of new jewelry that have been waiting a while for me to have time to get some photos done, and to get them into my Etsy shop.  Without further delay, here are new knits and beads!

This wonderfully simple, feminine scarf is one of my favorites.  Made with yarn that is a wool/acrylic blend, it will also keep you toasty warm.  It was hibernating in one of my project bags for a while, but I’m so glad I got it out to finally finish it.  It turned out wonderfully!

I made these earrings to match the Purple Haze Beaded Necklace.  I know they look sort of a cranberry color…I can’t get the right color to come through.  The round beads are a bright pinkish purple and the flat, translucent beads are light purple, sort of a lavender color. 

There are more new knits and beads to come in the days ahead.